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MFormats SDK V2.0.3.11302 [April-2022]




for Ubuntu 14.04 I have installed the last available SDK for ARM architecture which is for Ubuntu 14.04. In order to use it, I have to execute the following command: cd $SDK_HOME/mksdk2_dir/$ABI/$ARCH The $SDK_HOME points to /home/marc/opendkim/sdk and the $ABI/$ARCH is: arm64-v8a-linux-gnueabihf. First I create a new project. Then I add the project to the workspace and select the archarctice ARMv8A as this is the architecture of the device where I have the SDK. Then, I run the command: ./ It created the following directories and files: /home/marc/opendkim/sdk/sdk2_dir/build/armv8a/debug/lib.a /home/marc/opendkim/sdk/sdk2_dir/build/armv8a/debug/libs.links /home/marc/opendkim/sdk/sdk2_dir/build/armv8a/debug/libmonotouch.a /home/marc/opendkim/sdk/sdk2_dir/build/armv8a/debug/liburilink.a /home/marc/opendkim/sdk/sdk2_dir/build/armv8a/debug/libs.dep I copy the.a files into my /home/marc/opendkim/sdk/openproject/lib directory. Then, I add the lib to my makefile. Then I execute: make I had to create the libmonotouch.a file manually. This is due to the fact that the libmonotouch.a file I have on the hard drive is actually a header file which must be substituted by a.a file. To do that I execute: make armv8a The files are created: /home/marc/opendkim/sdk/openproject/lib/libmonotouch.a /home/marc/opendkim/sdk/openproject





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MFormats SDK V2.0.3.11302 [April-2022]
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